Wanted: Chief Performance Officer

If you are…

  • Focused on value creation, financial performance and risk management
  • Best decribed as a forward thinking CFO with business growth and strategy in mind
  • Progressive, able to forecast and predict business performance
  • Someone who‘s outgrown Junior CFO role but hasn‘t reached your full potential yet
  • Strongly passionate about financial, analytical and process driven side of business
  • Naturally attracted to digital way of doing things, easily adapt and change as organizations evolve

…and you feel confident in your ability to take charge of…

  • Finances – financial analysis, high level accounting, capital management, foreseeing financial trends and related risks
  • Risk management – some compliance, dealing with legal and financial institutions, incl. but not limited to the Bank of Lithuania
  • Reporting – business style proactive, insightful and predictive reporting
  • Processes – create, manage and change business processes, if needed, as organization grows

…while your true character is all about…

  • Character, character, character!
  • Self-starter, go getter, open minded doer
  • Stephen Covey „The 7 habbits of highly effective people“
  • “Five wet monkeys in a cage“

…and your technical background says that you…

  • Have adequate education and overall understanding of the technical side of business
  • Possess decent experience mastering numbers, managing risks and following processes
  • Feel comfortable with systems, spreadsheets, and structure in general
  • Have been continuously learning, developing your knowledge and skillset

…then you’re desired, needed and welcome!

We are an ambitious team of experienced professionals with a proven track record of delivering impactful projects. Come and grow together! Monthly salary 2500 – 4000 EUR gross.

If you are selected, we will contact you via email or phone. Feel free to reach us via team@lighthouse.lt