Valuable training to strengthen competences:

Lighthouse Hub training

Laura Gerrits-Gedvilė

Founder and partner of Holistic Enterprise, business mentor, Lean trainer

Laura Gerrits-Gedvilė is a globally recognized holistic business strategist, system thinking, Lean, innovation and change management professional. Laura invites during the teambuilding session let your hair down to fully embody your ambitious business dreams and allow you to see how a team can work daily in a holistic way, rejecting the destructive hierarchical management. 

A deep, motivating and transformative half-day session on the beach with the team will stick in your subconscious and decisions for a long time. 

Training topic:

  • Kiss Goodbye to Silo Mentality, Welcome to a Future-Ready Holistic Business Empire.

The lecturer can adjust the topic and duration of the training according to individual wishes

Vaidas Levickis

Played by Levitsky

Business consultant

The lecturer has a great sense of humor and unconventional thinking, so get ready for an inspiring and engaging session full of transformative experiences.

Training topics:

  • The DNA of a productive team.
  • Leadership team
  • Compass of values ​​for the team
  • Effective communication

The topic and duration of the training can be adjusted by the lecturer according to individual wishes. 

Vaidotas Levickis - business consultant. Spent almost 20 years in organizations developing strategy implementation plans, partnerships and leading teams. Also, he accumulated many years of experience teaching at the university and consulting top-level managers.

Jolita Lauciuvienė

Personnel management expert, founder and manager of "Personnel value for business".

Training will help you understand where you are already strong and where you still need to improve. By getting to know yourself and others better, together you will discover the formula for your team's success.

Training topics:

  • How to improve employee relations.
  • How to reveal competencies and strengths.
  • Successful person = successful organization.

The lecturer can adjust the topic and duration of the training according to individual wishes. 

Jolita Lauciuvienė is an expert in team management and identification of promising employees, having accumulated many years of experience in the field of personnel management. During the session, the lecturer will help reveal team strengths and even hidden individual competencies.


Audrius Gruodis

Sales lecturer, business consultant-practitioner

The lecturer will help your team develop a sales strategy, improve sales, communication, customer experience management skills and knowledge.

Training topics:

  • Formation of sales skills (B2C and B2B). 
  • The art of communication and communication. 
  • Increasing the efficiency of sellers.
  • Stress and conflict management. 
  • Positive communication and emotional intelligence at work.

The topic and duration of the training can be adjusted by the lecturer according to individual wishes. 

Audrius Gruodis is a charismatic sales guru who has been conducting training for more than 25 years. For more than 10 years, he worked at the world's largest eyewear manufacturing company Luxottica Group SpA (Italy), representing 45 brands, as a sales representative and regional training manager of the LuxAcademy training center.


Donatas Jonikas

World's Top 30 Startup Guru for 2021, marketing expert and consultant

During the session, you will clarify the goals that can be achieved through marketing partnerships and learn how to save real euros by using the resources you already have. And you will also master the "pirate metrics", which will help you effectively connect your goal with profit and not stray from the course.

Training topics:

  • How to create win-win partnerships in marketing. 
  • How to formulate and achieve goals according to the SMART methodology.

The topic and duration of the training can be adjusted by the lecturer according to individual wishes. 

Donatas Jonikas is the first Lithuanian to be included in the World's Top 30 Startup Gurus for 2021, his book "Startup Evolution Curve" became an Amazon bestseller, and his insights and interviews were published in Forbes magazine. Donatas claims that he would not have achieved such results without partnerships.

Tomas Maciulskis

Tomas Maciulskis

Founder and manager of Make sense, business mentor and consultant

Tom sincerely believes that changing the mindset of a team can move mountains, so he will share methods to empower and motivate a team that wants to work towards a common goal.

Training topics:

  • Leadership (team collaboration, delegation, feedback).
  • Improving B2B customer experiences.
  • Value sales formula and LEAN sales, negotiations.

The topic and duration of the training can be adjusted by the lecturer according to individual wishes. 

Tomas Mačiulskis is a business consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the field of company management. Accredited negotiation expert, applying leadership and coaching competencies since 2008. Advises leaders and their teams in developing sales strategies, customer behaviors, negotiation tactics and high achievement-oriented internal company culture.

Diana Zarumskiene

Emotional well-being in business and life mentor

During team training, Diana shares techniques to help you learn to control your body, thoughts and emotions. During the session, you will learn about emotional well-being, learning to be here and now - to calm down and rest effectively, to breathe correctly, to think positively, so that you can be more productive in your daily activities.

Training topics:

  • How not to burn out in your work?  
  • How you breathe is how you live. 
  • Let's (play) the possibilities. 

The lecturer can adjust the topic and duration of the training according to individual wishes. 

Diana Zarumskienė - holistic coach, lecturer, HR specialist, certified MasterMind moderator and Himalayan yoga practitioner, and in short emotional well-being mentor. During her 20 years of successful career in international companies, she has accumulated a great deal of experience in managerial work and personnel management.

Memorable activities for new experiences together:

Lighthouse Hub jobs
Lighthouse Hub jobs

Water SUP'ynė - school of waves

Surfing or paddle boarding in the sea

What you will experience:

  • Get ready to get up close and personal with the waves of the Baltic Sea and learn to make friends with them. Together you will experience an adventure that will be etched in your memory for a long time. 

Averjanas Asočakovs is a professional instructor and coach of surfing, paddleboarding and kitesurfing. Head of the paddle school "Vandens SUP'ynės" and a true paddle and kite enthusiast. Courses can be conducted in Lithuanian, English and Russian. 

Music therapy specialist Linas Švirinas

Gong baths or sounding bowls

What you will experience:

  • Abi programs  intended for to reveal new possibilitieswhich would allow, without reducing the pace of life, to reduce the level of stress and to learn more self-preservation. The goal is to be healthier, more energetic, more creative, more attentive and learn to enjoy life. Gongs in the bath we overload ourselves, minimize the accumulated tensions or learn to do so. 

Occupation gali to be two formsPassive - listening calling ir of the story. Active - learning to callto fail

A hike su blessed end I Gediminas Jasas

Acquaintance hike + breathingcold ir heat experiences 

What you will experience:

  • You will come in handy Lighthouse the door ir card su I'm sorry you will travel pedestrian paths link Season the way visiting arranged the coast artillery battery (bunkerir in it existing museum (su the guide). Pray Seas Yours laughter breathing ir cold (read bathroomsexperiences at panoramic sauna.

the program can to fill ar adjust (to supplement parking ant nails praktikasound therapy ant sea shore, vegan snacks while visiting the Klaipėda Botanical Garden; adjust the hiking route, e.g. choosing the Litorina educational trail. 

Lighthouse_Hub Teambuilding

Wet Weim

Canoeing on the Dangė River with a guide

What you will experience:

  • Get to know Klaipėda from a different perspective! This is a short but carefully planned guided excursion and a great opportunity to enjoy and try paddling while experiencing the real power of a cedar canoe in motion. And the most daring ones are invited to try a night hike, when only torches and city lights show the way through the black water.

"Wet Weim" canoe trips are a unique leisure experience that allows you to get to know Klaipėda while sailing on the Dangė River in a stylish cedar canoe.


Chef Laura Brekke

Food production party with the team

What you will experience:

  • Laura will invite you to open the doors of the kitchen world with incredible facts and stories about food, original recipes and even dangerous kitchen tricks. By cooking a 3-course dinner together, you will not only learn the subtleties of cooking, but you will also have fun creating something together, sharing tasks and helping each other.

Laura is a chef at a culinary studio and the author of the funniest kitchen stories. When you come to visit, she will immediately greet you with a smile on her face and will be able to tell you about the latest fashions in gastronomy, the most interesting recipes, and the most fun parties in the kitchen.

Afro drums with Jotvil Švirin

Experiential, musical team practice

What you will experience:

  • Jotvil will invite you on a musical journey through various rhythmic tests, which will allow you to feel the strong bond of team and fellowship. Together, you will play Afro drums, maracas, tambourines, hands, feet and colored percussion sticks. It will be a unique experience that will test the team's ability to "play together" and provide a surge of energy and good mood.

Jotvilas Švirinas is a drummer, a practitioner of musical creative methods, who has more than 8 years of experience in team building training and no less in creating and developing his own business - the GROCK music company.

Lighthouse Hub team building


Group training + SPA

What you will experience:

  • OXYGYM trainers will conduct a fun and informative group training. Together, you will not only get fit, but you will also learn various exercises that you can repeat later when you return to the office. Who knows, maybe group exercise will become your team's new ritual?

OXYGYM - the home of sports and wellness - a boutique where trainers pay special attention to quality, health and the long-term well-being of athletes. A fitness club with a spa is located on the first floor of the Lighthouse Hub. 

Lighthouse Hub team building
Lighthouse Hub team building

Sea yacht "Odyssey"

Sailing on a sea yacht

What you will experience:

  • You will get to know the waters of the Klaipėda port and tame the Curonian Lagoon, sailing to Juodkrantė, a comfortable 14 m. double-decker yacht "Odyssey". A lunch outing with the team will be remembered for a long time. 

Sea yacht "Odisėja" is a comfortable 14-year-old. long double-masted sailboat that can accommodate a group of up to 10 people. The ship's captain will not only take your team to Juodkrantė, but will also be able to tell you about sailing, the yacht and the waves.