Lighthouse Hub

The idea of ​​Lighthouse Hub was born with the aim of bringing together professionals from various fields in one community - startups, entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, marketing and IT specialists and sto provide them with suitable spaces, technical and office equipment where they could work, get to know each other and, through cooperation, create innovative solutions, generate business ideas and, with the help of trainings, events and consultations organized by the Lighthouse Hub team, grow and successfully develop businesses.   

The first Lighthouse Hub co-working space opened its doors in 2019 and soon became a center of attraction for advanced specialists in the Western Lithuania region. The coworking space exceeded all expectations and confirmed the benefits and necessity of such a concept. Modern offices and co-working spaces, professional trainings and consultations, Coliving-type accommodation and services - hairdresser, sports club, cafe - are successfully operating here under one roof. Not only local professionals come to work at the Lighthouse Hub, but also teams from other cities and foreign countries and test the concept of working days. 

Hub's development vision includes 4 phases. After the successful implementation of two of them, the third stage - the Digital Innovation Center (SIC) - opened its doors in 2023. The goal of SIC is to familiarize companies and institutions with the possibilities offered by the latest digital technologies, to help them implement them in their activities and thus increase the added value created and competitiveness. 


Join the hub and build, grow and improve with us!