Lighthouse Hub

Lighthouse Hub was founded in 2019 with the vision to create a unique environment for professionals from various fields to work, meet, network, and co-create together. The goal was to provide an unmatched workplace for everyone, from creatives to programmers, to feel more motivated and productive. Most importantly – since day one, our main focus was to build a strong community, that would use the space to connect and create innovative solutions through collaboration, successfully implement projects and help each other grow.

The first Lighthouse Hub workplace, which opened in 2019, soon became the hottest spot for forward-thinking specialists and exceeded all expectations, thus confirming the usefulness and necessity of such a concept.

For members' convenience, we have a boutique fitness center, barbershop, and cafeteria all working successfully under one roof.

The development of the hub consists of four stages. Two of them have been finished and are operating successfully. Third – Digital Innovation Hub – will be opened at the beginning of 2023. DIH spaces are being designed with attention to detail to create a stylish and inspiring environment that would boost the concentration, productivity, and privacy of those who will work there. Intended for progressive teams who want to settle in a modern office in Klaipėda and become members of an unmatched professional community.